September 30, 2009

Sony P S2 Now in your car

Audiovox will pass the time on the road with the help of video games. Mobile System under the symbol VOD10PS2 mounted in the ceiling box over the rear seats. 10,2-16:9, PlayStation 2. That there is removed 10.2-inch display in 16:9 format, and directly own a PlayStation 2. Wires are hidden under a car finishing materials when installing the system for rear passengers provides illumination in the dark. Proposed two wireless game controller, and two pairs of headphones. FM With the FM-transmitter, audible series of video games can be played through car audio system. The console offered in several colors to ensure that the buyer can choose the one that best fit into the interior. $950. Price to play video games in the back seat of a car is $ 950. PS2 Slim Of course relatively easy, but from personal experience - is cheaper to install regular PS2 Slim himself, using a full-time display or screen music system (console 4,500 rubles + 1900r (2 wireless joystick) + 500 rub car power adapter for PS2 + 150r video + your time and desire to:))